Discover the Miracle of Intention.

Our mission is to unify mankind through a global spiritual awakening, ignited by the realization of the power held by human intention. We created these necklaces with our intention they be gifted to others so there will be a day when the world will be healed and we become one.

Thousands of miracles have been recorded as a result of this movement.

Who we are and how we got started

Founded in 2012, Tree of Life Movement is the natural extension of the love and passion that owners Scott & Marla Berger feel for their family and the world community. The Bergers created the jewelry collection as a symbol of the foundation’s mission that all people connect as one force, growing together just as the stars above grow together.

Scott Berger designed the first piece in the Tree of Life collection over six years ago to commemorate his and Marla’s 21st wedding anniversary. Marla was overwhelmed with the tree of life-shaped piece that was engraved with all four of the couple’s children’s names. She wanted to share this symbol of family, hope, and continuing life with the public. Thus was born the Tree of Life jewelry collection.

Our Witnesses

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