Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

What if we told you that you can change the world based on how you talk to yourself? Invite Scott & Marla to speak to your company or group or corporate event. Through their business, they found their life’s work. They have spoken to hundreds of groups about the power of positive human intention and its ability to change the world. 

Thousands of miracles have been recorded from around the world as a result of the Tree of Life Movement and the Intention Stick.  

The journey of a thousand miracles starts by inviting them to share their blessings with your group.

     Topics include:

     • The power of human intention to transform your life.
     • How positive intention is good for business. 
     • Guided meditation
     • The 9 guiding principles of intention

     To book Scott & Marla, call the Felice Agency
     602.875.5664 or email tim@feliceagency.com

We are so blessed to be a part of this very spiritual event.


Our friend and colleague, Wendy Falcon, has created a FREE online training Summit called “Living Healed: Being beyond your story, happy and free to live the life you want”.

Have you felt a deeper calling to fulfill a vision you have for your life? Do you have a sense that there are greater solutions, more options and different people than the ones you’ve had access to so far?

Have you made many efforts to shift into new levels of awareness, but continue to find old patterns repeating? Are you able to self observe, but end up judging yourself and others rather than accepting or transcending what you see?

What if we told you that what you have been asking for is available to you now, WITHOUT having to work harder? In fact, you’ll have energy gains, work less and enjoy life more fully! Would you say YES to the opportunity of obtaining it?

You’ll learn what it means to live healed in all five aspects—emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual.

This is not like any other online training. Wendy had a calling and she refused to ignore, minimize or sweep it under the rug. No matter what was happening, she held her vision and part of that vision is opening that door for you.

Wendy has strategically and heartfully put this Summit together so that you can apply the information you’ll learn RIGHT NOW and step out of the stories that are holding you back and into the fullness of your life’s most genuine expression.

We invite you to register for this free event and start Living Healed by clicking on the link here.  Scott & Marla Berger: https://livinghealedsummit.com/berger

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We are so blessed to be a part of this very spiritual event.


Messiah Foundation UK is pleased to invite you to an enlightening evening with Sufi Master Younus AlGohar, Reverend Steve Bell, Gnostic Priestess Azucena Avila, Scott and Marla (Tree of Life Movement) and Tiera St Claire (The Human Design System) on 9th November, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in London! Join us as we discuss Universal Sufism to improve our collective spiritual well-being. To find out more and to register click here.     


Listen to Scott & Marla on the Pat McMahon Show

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