Meet Marla and Scott Berger of Tree of Life Movement and Tree of Life Intention Stick in Scottsdale

Scott and Marla have been designers of fine jewelry for decades, created the Tree of Life Movement in 2012. Through their design business, Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, they discovered a way to combine their passion for fine jewelry design with their devotion to spirituality and humanity. Together, and with the inspiration of their four children, they began sharing the movement in their own community; eventually, the movement spread nationwide and is now known around the world. The journey of launching this movement is a testimony to the power of the law of attraction. This movement aims to create a global spiritual awakening to connect all souls. Each person brings a unique and powerful gift to the world. Our objective is to empower each person to identify their gift and inspire them to share its magnitude with others in the movement to create a revolutionary force of positivity — ultimately, healing humanity and Mother Earth.

Equality, finding bigger purpose lead to success for jeweler Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry

They may be in the custom fine jewelry business, but when it comes to the quality of the pieces and budget of the customer, to Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry owners Scott and Marla Berger, better doesn’t require bigger.

The married couple, who design nearly every piece sold in their gallery, realize that the words “custom jewelry” can generate an exclusionary and aloof vibe. It’s one they aim to counteract with their Scottsdale business they opened in 2004.